Privacy Policy


We welcome you to the PS International Construction Group (PSICG) website. Our Company  is committed to respecting the privacy of all visitors to our site and  to ensure that we protect any personal information which we may collect  as a result of you choosing to share such information with us.

Our Company is committed to complying with all relevant privacy and data  collection laws and regulations in the jurisdictions which we operate.

What Information do we collect?

PSICG may collect personal information through our relationships with the  people who we do business with or who make enquiries about our company.  This may include current and future employees, clients who use our  services, suppliers and contractors we engage to assist us in providing  services.

The  personal information we collect may vary depending on the circumstances  but in all cases we only collect information that is relevant for the  purposes of dealing with your request or enquiry.

Personal  information may be received through a number of different methods which  include our website, in writing, by e-mail, by telephone, through our  employee referral program and through other forms of communication. Our  preference is to collect personal information directly from the person  concerned however, at times, this is not practical to do so.

Personal  information may be collected from time to time from browsers when you  visit our website and from third parties during recruitment or  engagement which may include but limited to recruitment providers,  health professionals and nominated referees.

In  each case, we will only record this information for the purpose for  which it was provided and will not disclose without obtaining your  consent to do so.

What is the information used for?

Any  personal information that you provide will be stored in our systems and  be used for the purposes of dealing with your request or enquiry. This  may involve disclosing your personal information to other business units  within PSICG.

In  addition, we may use your personal information to inform you of other  services or information on other opportunities being offered by the  Company and, in order to do this, we may disclose this information to  other Business Units within the PSICG. If we look to use your personal  data for a purpose, beyond what it was originally provided for, we will  obtain your consent to do so.

We also collect information in order to improve our level of service to our users of this site.

What Personal information do we disclose?

As  outlined above we only share personal information within the PSICG and  will only disclose personal information in accordance with this Policy.  We will not pass your details to anyone else outside the PSICG without  your permission except where we are required by law to do so.

Access to your Personal Information

PSICG,  in most circumstances, make available to you upon written request any  personal information about you that has been collected.

PSICG will respond to a request for access to information and will seek to do so within a reasonable time frame.

The  Company may in exceptional circumstances decline to provide you assess  to your personal information where we feel that making the information  available would impact unreasonably on the privacy of others; legal  proceedings or investigations are involved or when we are required by  law not to disclose the information.

Updating Personal Information

We  try to ensure that the personal information we hold is accurate and up  to date. You can notify us of any updates to your personal information  by contacting the person to whom you provided your information in the  first place to or to privacy officer at 

Retention and Disposal of Personal Information

We  will only keep your personal information for the purposes for which it  was collected. We will destroy personal information if it is no longer  needed for the purposes for which it was collected or it is a  requirement by law to do so.

Our procedure for handling a Privacy Complaint

Should  you have any questions or enquiries or complaint regarding the way in  which we handle your personal information, please contact our privacy  officer at

Changes to this Policy

PSICG constantly strives to improve its service and from time to time it may  be necessary for us to review this Policy. We reserve the right to amend  this Policy at any time and to notify you of any amendments by posting  an update version on this website.

Our customers demand a safe project, and we deliver. Our safety results place us in the top tier of contractors in our industry.

We nurture a culture of safety ownership.

Every  employee has a job description and set of safety obligations to meet.  Our managers are visible safety leaders. In addition to traditional  safety metrics, their performance is tracked in activities such as the  number of safety audits they carry out personally, and how many  ‘SafeTalks’ they deliver.

Our  site safety teams are structured and resourced effectively. Our Site  Safety Managers are core members of our project leadership groups, and  have a strong voice across all site activities.

Every project maintains an HSE Risk Register and our teams work from a  comprehensive set of Safe Operating Procedures, Safe Work Instructions,  and JSEAs. These are stored on the PSICG Management System, our  centralised online library.

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