Payment Only For Acceptable Candidate Own Account




Application Form Fee 10500 INR (18% GST) 

Out of India Application Fee  17000 INR (18% GST)


Embassy Registration Form Fee 65810 INR (18% GST)

Out of India Registration Form Fee 78900 INR (18%GST)


The application form Process is designed to enroll Candidates demonstrating promise. It's subject to the availability of seats and fulfilling job criteria.  Within 7 to 10 days we are given to opportunity in the same field. Total Expenditure 360000 INR (18% GST). After getting a visa candidate must be paid an immigration fee full amount 3,60000 INR (18% GST).  The medical fee every time updated by embassy site so we are inform right time. The medical fee did not include on your total expenditure. We are a direct company so we did not believe Interview, we only believe  candidate Live  Performance. We are didn't given any hidden process.  Fresher Candidates did not follow the application process. Without  discussing, documents experts do not follow the application process.  payment only for an acceptable one-shot transaction id. Application process  Fee 100% refundable if we are did not given opportunity within 7 days. After receive the Registration number Candidate check any time process status embassy website directly. 


 Some candidate pays for application fee then thinking it's genuine or fraud because right now lots of scams going on India. That's the reason our company has given account details & our project details on this website. PSICG did not hide anything in your process. If are you received the application process by our company side then the job 100% granted.  Without Registration numbers, we are did not given an appointment letter.  Appointment letter sign in your office after the counseling process done within 7 working days. Process Manager guides your entire process. 


Due  to ongoing concerns related to the spread of COVID-19, preventative  measures have been enacted throughout our global network of offices.  Consular services remain available to Indians. Then Governments  Instruction of Indian offices is encouraging clients to limit in-person  visits. Candidate in need of assistance should contact the PS  International Construction Group office nearest them by phone or e-mail  before visiting in person. You can also contact the process manager the  Emergency purpose.

Candidate Received Money Received Copy After Pay Registration Fee Within 2 Hours